Dr. Slaggleberry - Tuc Into The Tar
Crash Music
Are you kidding me?
4 songs (17:57)
Release year: 2010
Crash Music
Reviewed by Jaime
If you're planning to be "avant-garde" you might as well go and do it properly. Dr. Slaggleberry are one such band who just couldn't really give a crap about doing things normally. The first and title track Tuc Into The Tar demonstrates this off the bat as the band switches from frantic off kilter passages to quieter ones then into what seems like a waltz section before going all metal nearer the end. Well the drums do anyway as the guitars and bass fly to infinity and beyond. Strangely enough it all seems to mingle together fairly well which says a lot about the band's writing capabilities as well as their performing chops. Lead Rabbit begins fairly calm, as calm as the band go, before hammering into some near black metal riffs that bend annd twist into that unhinged madness that forms the band's oddly shaped musical core. It's a relentless onslaught that's basically incomparible to most other bands out there. You can probably make a few comparisons that will always revolve around "band X but with a..." or "kinda yet not really like band Y as they...". To give it a stab, the closest bands that I could probably compare them to would be a ridculously heavy Primus that's been saturated in Red Bull or a more ridiculous Blotted Science. Aye, like those two but more nuts if you can believe it. The way that everything manages to keep together is beyond impressive and the back bone of that has to be down to the band's drummer who may or may not be the love child of Vishnu and a musically gifted octopus. Just listening to him play will tire you out nevermind the effect it has on the man himself. Such things like the cheeky little end of the final track Tails of The Blind Donkey which goes from a casual little swing beat to some horrific multilayered pattern demonstrates how absolutely absurd the man, and the band as a whole are.

So if you fancy something that'll turn your brain into slush give this a few spins. If you don't feel so brave then the good doctor will probably pickle you a bit too much. Either way, grab it for free here.
Killing Songs :
The whole damned thing'll do you some damage if it doesn't kill you outright.
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