Backyard babies - Making Enemies Is Good
Heavy 'n' Glam
13 songs (42'20)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Fans of AC/DC and The Offspring's, THIS is for you.

This Swedish (again !!!) hard rock/punk band knows how to write hits and this Making Enemies Is Good is full of good songs. The title has been chosen by the band for the "excellent relation ship" they had with their previous label (hehehe).

Just listen to Payback or I Love To Roll and your soul will fly at the speed of light to California : yes you are in your favorite racing car and a beautiful girl is showing you that life is simply wonderful !!!! Rock 'til death.

Much more heavy and also less punk compare to The Offspring's, Backyard Babies will "score" your heart with songs like Colours, Star War (yes, without the "s" at the end), The Clash and many many others. However, do not misunderstand me here : my comparison with AC/DC comes from the groovy rock 'n' roll feeling each song delivers and not from the typical style of the famous Australian hard rock band. AC/DC is AC/DC and Backyard Babies doesn't not copy the legendary hard rock band at all !!!

If you remember Pretty Boys Floyd or Poison, let's say that Backyard Babies follows their path ... A nice surprise for open mind rockers out there. Give it a try ... it won't kill you !!!

Killing Songs :
Payback & Painkiller (no! not a Judas Priest cover)
Danny quoted 83 / 100
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