Valoton - Beastificate
Hammer Of Hate
Death/Black Metal
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Release year: 2010
Hammer Of Hate
Reviewed by Alex
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Concluding the recent trilogy of unknown black metal acts with Valoton, Finnish label Hammer of Hate has demonstrated that there are at least three distinct ways to praise the Dark Lord. One-woman act Anguish does it in self-loathing romantic goth-like fog, Russians Evangelivm go to a place all ritualistic and secluded, while Valoton prefers to pummel and punish. The names of Valoton members may not be known (although it is rumored some very well regarded members of Finnish black metal underground compose the band), yet they will single-handedly restore your faith in death fueled black metal.

Unlike some Swedish bands we will leave unnamed, Valoton on Beastificate do not substitute speed and blasting for quality and captivating nature of the riffs. With the clean and powerful production, so much unlike many other Finnish bands, Valoton can prove that the Beast can indeed be one muscle-wound Beast on the opening title track, Cut the Chains of Flesh and First Ray from Satan’s Sun, which begins with one devastating juicy plunge. With the domineering bottom end and tremolos bleeding sad melodies Jaws of Abaddon and Sancta Scientia are as jackhammering as they are mystifying. The acoustic ending of Sancta Scientia segueing into the beginning of Jaws of Abaddon complete the feel of sacramental mystery. Riffs prancing in demonic dance are as fitting on Jaws of Abaddon as the Black Mass preacher voice concluding the track.

Powerful and punchy as they are, Valoton can celebrate the Beast’s triumph in a variety of ways. They swing from fence to fence when Avatar lunges along with its brutal military march cadence, and then is followed by Beatific Visions, a dark acoustic played at a sacrificial ceremony, goats bleating away in the distance. And the closer Reborn in Flames is a proper finish where both the body and mind are hoisted onto the pyre while the procession continues descending into depth. With powerful images like this, those backup female vocals (just like they are in Beastificate the song) are not a gimmick, but the Priestess guiding the uninitiated.

It was so refreshing to hear someone use the bass to brood and wander, while the blasts are epileptic spastic collapses, necessary for the atmosphere, not just pre-requisites of cheapened costume brutality. As much as I was impressed by all parts of Hammer of Hate trilogy, Valoton slowly bubbled to the top solely due to the invoked power and imagery of their delivery.

(If only the font of their lyrics wasn’t as small and ornate, I would now be in so less trouble. Let this personal comment remain unexplained, but stay here as a reminder of my foolishness not to be repeated again).

Killing Songs :
Beastificate, Sancta Scientia, Jaws of Abaddon, Reborn in Flames
Alex quoted 91 / 100
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