Cruciamentum - Convocations of Crawling Chaos
Nuclear Winter
Death Metal
4 songs (17:56)
Release year: 2009
Reviewed by Crash
Cruciamentum. When I click on my iPod and reach that name I notice that I am right above Cryptopsy. This makes a whole lot of sense. Whether it was planned this way when picking their name or just a coincidence, it makes a whole lot of sense to me. There are moments on this demo that remind me an atmosphere that I have only been able to find on the greatest death metal record of all time: None So Vile. Now, I don’t mean to say that Cruciamentum sound like Cryptopsy. Not at all. They sound like a more “br00tal” Bolt Thrower. But there is something about the disgustingly heavy atmosphere that gets to me and personifies death metal.

This band is extremely desperate to stay in the underground. This is their only complete demo, being originally a cassette tape only release, with digital files only from the band’s Myspace. Whatever their reason it is to stay in the shadows, they could easily wipe the floor with a good three fourths of the modern death metal scene. This release only contains three songs and ending at eighteen minutes. That is enough to know that this band means business.

Each of the three songs displays similar structure and style, so I really only need to mention Rotten Flesh Crucifix. When I say that this is one of the best death metal songs I’ve ever heard, I am not over exaggerating. The song progresses from speedy and groovy death metal (sounding like it was recorded in a basement) into a slow chugging slab of riffage. The fuzz coming from your headphones will be deafening as the sound is huge. The vocals fly atop the mountain of distortion from the guitars and amps. A good comparison for the riffage would be Slugathor. The crunch and impact is more important to the sound than technique or soloing. Overall I am left with a very satisfying dose of death metal and it has been a long time since something shook me out of my death metal coma.

Cruciamentum is a band to look out for. I wish there were more songs here, but it is a demo. I cannot wait to hear a full length or more from the band. Hellsyess.

Killing Songs :
Rotten Flesh Crucifix
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