Edguy - Painting On The Wall (single)
AFM Records
True Metal
4 songs (22'30)
Release year: 2001
Edguy, AFM Records
Reviewed by Chris

After the most acclaimed Avantasia (what an album), I was really impatient to get some new Edguy songs and it's with a unmasked enthousiasm that I listened to that new single from Edguy. The self-entitled track is featured twice on the disk, an edit version that is shorter than the second one, which is the actual album version.

What can I say about that song, beside the fact that it scares me a little bit for the album. Why ? Because the song is soft, nice, melodic, with great vocals as always, but since it's soft. Once again the production is near perfection, choirs are majestic and so are Toby's vocals which once again have evolved. And I can tell you that in 10 years this guy's gonna be recognized as the best singer of his times, that I have no doubts about.

The second song is called Golden Dawn and this one is a killer, it will also be on the Mandrake album. The 3rd track is a new version of a song from the Kingdom Of Madness album (Wings Of A Dream), and it's a real pleasure to have this song re-recorded with Toby's new vocal abilities and with the powerfull production.

At the end of the last track, there is a hidden track. This song is a tribute to Louis De Funes (great French actor). You have to be French or to be a huge fan of Louis De Funes to fully enjoy this hidden track.

The single is a worthy CD for all Edguy fans and it will certainly help in waiting for the full album.

Killing Songs :
Golden Dawn, Wings Of A Dream 2001
Chris quoted no quote
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