Mouth of the Architect - The Violence Beneath
Translation Loss Records
Atmospheric Sludge
4 songs (31:05)
Release year: 2010
Mouth of the Architect, Translation Loss Records
Reviewed by Goat

Although I’m on record as loving the big names of the atmosludge genre, there are a few that I’m yet to fully explore, and although I’d heard Mouth Of The Architect’s name bandied around as worthy purveyors of the style, I’d never actually heard them until now. Volunteering to review this EP was done on a whim, and in yet more proof that I’m best led by gut instinct, it’s rather good, meaning I’ll certainly be checking out the band’s three full-lengths at some point. Opening with the energetic pulverisation of The Violence Beneath, the five-piece walk a fine line between hardcore and sludge, notably more Neurosis than Isis, melodic motifs repeated in the midst of the chaotic fury to create an oddly catchy track that gets more atmospheric and proggy further along, until the intense finale collapses over you like a drunk woman at a wedding, fading out with an electronic buzz.

Variety is the name of the game here, the following Buried Hopes starting with melancholic strings and almost folksy vocals before kicking up a gear as the band unleash the heaviness, spiralling mixes of clean and harsh vocals under distorted riffage. A live version of Restore sounds good, with lots of rowdy vocals and drum rolls, a piano interlude upping the prog factor considerably, and the EP is rounded off with a sludged-up cover of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s actually rather good, sounding like Justin Broadrick’s Jesu and mixing poppish melody and primordial heaviness together well. I prefer the original, being weird, but it finishes the EP well, and proves the band have good taste. Overall, a good introduction to Mouth Of The Architect, and a nice stopgap for fans.

Killing Songs :
The Violence Beneath, Restore (live), In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel cover)
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