Kiljuvelka-70 - Ihmis-saastaa ja pohjasakkaa
Violent Journey Records
12 songs (19:18)
Release year: 2010
Kiljuvelka-70, Violent Journey Records
Reviewed by Aleksie
*Disclaimer: For the random enjoyment of some, the song titles mentioned in this review will be literally translated into English in parenthesis’ even though the band itself has not done so for this album. The author of this review will accept any blame for subsequent misunderstandings between the titles and lyrical/musical content.*

For anyone in need of their monthly dosage of head-plastering moshpit-material, right off the bat I recommend to direct yourselves to this little ditty, the debut mini-CD from Finland’s Kiljuvelka-70. Comprised of a group of rag-tag misfits with backgrounds in Finnish metal mainstays like Rytmihäiriö, Amorphis and Barren Earth, Kiljuvelka-70 whips up quite the pure dose of old school hardcore with social criticism and drunken rambling to spare.

First off, the name of the band itself, translated bluntly into “Kiljudebt-70” refers to a traditional Finnish homebrewed alcohol called “kilju”, which is basically a severely bare bones home wine made up primarily of water, yeast and sugar. Yes, it is the type of gunk that is pretty much made to have something cheap that’ll get you nicely loaded when needed, taste be damned. Or so I’ve heard. For international readers, I believe distilling kilju can get you a pretty closely moonshine-type drink, but I digress.

Take the frantically paced aggression of groups like say, Agnostic Front, vocalist Pate with his hoarse bark that is just a tad shy in the distortion department to pass as your Entombed-style death metal-vocals and the very occasional guitar solo and more groovy, metal-style riffage in cuts like Systeemi kusee omille kintuilleen (The system pisses on it’s own legs) and Helvetin elämä (Hell’s life or let's say Helluva life) and you’ve got the slightly under 20 minutes of gut-punching, fist pumping action that should make any straightedger proud. Well, except for the fact that the band's name carries that of an alcohol. And some of the songs considerably praise well you get the drift. If hardcore isn’t your thing, steer clear. But looking to pop some holes into those walls, no frills and lots of mayhem? Then grab Ihmis-saastaa ja pohjasakkaa (Human-waste and bottom filth) and let loose.

Oh yeah, favourite tune right now: Papit ja pedofiilit (Priests and pedofiles) or maybe Sota-äpärä (War-bastard)

Killing Songs :
Papit ja pedofiilit, Systeemi kusee omille kintuilleen, Helvetin elämä & Sota-äpärä
Aleksie quoted 72 / 100
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