Ted Nugent - Full Bluntal Nugity
Spitfire Records
Hard Rock'n'Roll by Gonzo
12 songs (68'00)
Release year: 2001
Ted Nugent, Spitfire Records
Reviewed by Paul

So Mr. King Gonzo, Wango Tango, Motor city Madman is back with a live album in Detroit Rock City. That's just great old damn dynamite and dynamic Rock'n'Roll. Ted Nugent is a living legend one of the guitar heroes who has reached the American dream in the 60's, 70's and 80's, the times got a bit harder in the 90's. He was born in Detroit Rock City in 1948 so coming back as opening act for Kiss with Skid Row was maybe such a natural thing. What was maybe a wilder thing was seeing him coming on stage riding a big buffalo (don't forget the bill).

It is actually his third live album, the Double Live Gonzo! and Intensities In 10 cities (1981) were the two first ones. Full Bluntal Nugity was recorded on new year's eve 100% totally live and no overdubs like it's written on the back cover and on the sticker!!!!

But this time Ted Nugent (Ted Nugent, Damn Yankees) is coming back with one of the best metal scene's rhythmic section taken from Thin Lizzy: Tommy Aldridge (Pat Travers, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and many others) and Marco Mendoza (Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy, in other words a good friend from John Sykes). These two guys were together on the One Night Only live album from Thin Lizzy. The good job they did on this live is also to hear on Ted Nugent's Full Buntal Nugity. The symbiosis is perfect.They are playing good old rock'n'roll, rythm'n'blues, hard rock and acoustic. There are old songs (Free For All was sung by the time by Meat Loaf ) and recent ones.

The production is raw but it has the big American sound. A great live performance from a great scream dream team...

Killing Songs :
Paralyzed, Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, Free For All, Cat Scratch Fever, Strangehold, Great White Buffalo, Motorcity Madhouse
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