Emergency Gate - The Nemesis Construct
Twilight Zone Records
13 songs (46:47)
Release year: 2010
Twilight Zone Records
Reviewed by Jaime
Hmm... I'm a little disappointed with how Emergency Gate decided to open their album. A full on metalcore song doesn't exactly endear me to them, and first impressions are everything after all. Although the metalcore parts persist throughout the album the band at least see fit to mix a few more elements into their music such as the electronic side of Soilwork (who are clearly a massive influence) and Blood Stain Child for better or worse, and some vocal parts that are reminiscent of Evergrey surprisingly enough. It also makes you want to listen to any one of those bands, cause they certainly do it a lot better than Emergency Gate do. Musically it's all very samey, even with the electronic elements, and pretty bland throughout. Honestly, I skipped to random bits in different songs and they flowed into each other seemlessly. They also break out the drum machine on some tracks such as This Time, something I never enjoy as most metal bands fail to make the sound fit the music. The lyrics are standard metalcore fare too, lots of cursing and hard to take seriously (such as Diary of Nightmares... and the lyrics "to see you fall, and break your neck") which is a shame as the vocals are really strong and I really can't overegg that Soilwork comparison when it comes to the performances of every member of the band. They're all very good, but the band just seems like a light version of the Swedes. There are some excellent solos on a few of the tracks, The Green Mile for one but you can't shake off that "where do I know that from?" feeling. It's in no way a bad album, but had the band expanded their sound out a little and been a bit more creative they'd have had something that would stand on its own two feet instead of resting on the laurels of others, so hopefully they'll do so on their next album. If you enjoy this sort of thing you'll be pretty happy with what's there. Just don't expecting anything new.
Killing Songs :
Dark Side of The Sun, An End to The Age of Man, The Green Mile
Jaime quoted 69 / 100
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