Alexis - Birds Of Prey
Pitch Black Records
Power Metal
11 songs (39:12)
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Goat

I normally avert my gaze from Power Metal promotional material, not being the most obvious choice on the team to tackle them, but something about this drew me in. It might have been the fact that the band are pretty obscure, a new Chilean project of former Inquisicion/Witchblade vocalist Freddy Alexis, and I do love me some obscure metal bands. Yet in addition, the band are good, and the music they play is fairly good too, although it does suffer from what can only be described as a slightly amateur approach. Let’s face it, this probably won’t even raise a single frilly hair in the eyebrow of your average Power Metalhead, but for those like myself who are still finding their way in the genre, this is above average stuff. The riffs are heavy and catchy, the nicely varied vocals have some good hooks and flourishes, the production is slightly clunky but nothing offensive. Anyone who doesn’t at least enjoy the opening grandiosity of Shadows needs their ears examining, the solos alone having a nice recent-Megadeth touch to them that sets the Metal radar a-quivering.

It’s a pretty even mix from then on. Golden Path could be old Dream Theater at first, a heavy opening turning to balladic territory and then Prog-Power territory, whilst Friendly Fire is more Edguy in style. The title track is probably the best song overall, full of flourishing guitarwork and ominous, almost Therion-esque singalongs. Sadly, things go downhill afterwards, Breaking The Spell having a nice bit of soloing but is uninteresting otherwise, Metallizer II is a sudden wacky break for Judas Priestland, and Forest is a very out-of-place interlude. Three ‘bonus’ tracks round the album off, none of which are particularly exciting. It’s a shame; the skill is clearly present, but the songwriting needs a little work, and whilst Birds Of Prey may be more or less fun to listen to whilst it lasts, you’re unlikely to remember much afterwards. Alexis is a name to remember for the future rather than a name to watch out for in the shops; here’s hoping the next album delivers on the promise shown here.

Killing Songs :
Shadows, Golden Path, Birds Of Prey
Goat quoted 65 / 100
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