Malhkebre - Prostration
Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions
Black Metal
4 songs (22'52")
Release year: 2010
Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions
Reviewed by Alex

Just recently in one of the reviews I had an opportunity to discuss the distinct style of French black metal, and the relatively unknown and very underground Malhkebre allows to reinforce the point one more time. Released earlier in 2006 on vocalist Eklezjas’Tik Berzerk’s own label Battleskr’s label, Prostration mini-LP is spiritual, bowing before the supreme entity, reaching out to the dark beast from the extreme fringes of Deathspell Omega.

Only 22 min long, the disc is an obvious self-sacrificing labor of love for the Frenchmen. From the obsidian black glistening package bearing the stamped tattooed logo, as if done with a branding iron, to the emotions contained within, everything stands for the “Pain is the Key” motto. The beast of Malhkebre announces itself roaring early on Nothingness Way. It is alternating from the aimless rage, bouncing side-to-side in its cage, to attacking with the purpose, from extreme chaos to structured death riff. Croaking vocals are truly fitting in this black mass atmosphere, whether it is racing towards the sharp cliff (Fideles Serviteurs), plunging into nonexistence, or unfolding slowly, annihilating everything in its way (Premiere Louange), knowing that it has an eternity ahead of it to paint everything black. The longest track Obscurus Religiosus announces the reign of evil for the first several minutes with tribal percussion and voice modulations, before all-conquering tremolo takes over. Whichever direction, however, the songs take on Prostration they all ultimately come down to the self-mutilating, self-destructive, self-deprecating end. Malhkebre are not calling themselves flagellants for nothing. As much as I have used the term in the past, it truly has its home here on Prostration.

As chaotic as the music may seem at first, Malhkebre’s is an organized chaos, supported by surprisingly strong and clear production, never letting the aforementioned chaos to become blurry noise. The shimmering metallic guitars cut with blade-like surgical precision and help to dip one’s psyche into the black atmosphere from which it might be difficult to wash off. Proceed with Malhkebre only if decadent self-loathing evil worship is the thing you want from your music.

Killing Songs :
This will be hit or miss, no sense to pick out songs
Alex quoted 80 / 100
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