Angrepp - Warfare
Abyss Records
Blackened Thrash / Punk
10 songs (34:51)
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Kyle

Those of you who’ve read my Nocturnal Breed or Skeletonwitch reviews should know that I am a blackened thrash junkie, but unfortunately it seems that the sub-subgenre has been lacking in releases as of late. So as I wait patiently for a new Toxic Holocaust album (it’s somewhere on the horizon… I think…), I bring you a review of Angrepp’s debut full-length, Warfare. This album from an up-and-coming Swedish quintet should, quite simply, appeal to any fan of blackened thrash; not because it’s a masterpiece, and not because it’s a new take on the style, but because it represents the genre stripped down to the very bare minimum. In all its rotten, visceral glory, Warfare will undoubtedly please metal fans the world over, even if it leaves a bit to be desired in the end.

Angrepp’s sound is one that is simplistic, yet wholly effective; combine filthy distorted guitars, punk / thrash style drumming, and loud, harsh grows, and you have a basic idea of the band’s sound. Riffs on Warfare are centered around power chords and are simple yet vicious, dripping with violent attitude. Angrepp does mix things up at times, however, as seen in the pseudo-progressive tendencies of Five Horned Formation and the many tempo alterings of the title track. Most of the time, however, Angrepp plows through songs at a reckless pace, especially on songs where the guitar work is more thrash oriented, namely For Now I Have Risen. Things drag a bit during a few mid-paced tracks such as Fiende and Rape, Kill, Rock N’ Roll, but Warfare always remains an entertaining album because of its gritty style (a good chunk of the credit here goes to a loud, mean production) and sheer attitude.

The one thing that sets Angrepp apart from its peers is the fact that they rely on a heavier punk influence than most blackened thrash bands. This undoubtedly lends the band a style that, though simplistic, makes them surprisingly unique. But all the same, Warfare may come across as an album that is simply too bare-bones for many fans of the style. But as raw and unrefined an experience as this is, Angrepp still delivers an album that is effective and aggressive to the very core. Recommended for fans of the style that are looking for something simple, fast and fun.

Killing Songs :
Five Horned Formation, Warfare, For Now I Have Risen
Kyle quoted 74 / 100
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