Anand - Mysterious Ways
ROKAROLA Records (Music Avenue)
Guitar Hero
10 songs (48'00)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Well well well, another name to add to the guitar heroes list. So far the 2 guitar heroes that really inspired me are Satriani (mostly his old stuff) and Rondat (all albums). But I think that Anand will join them. Of course it's the first album I hear from him (and I believe it's his first too, but I'm not sure)

Halfway between Satriani and Rondat, these probably being his main sources of inspiration. Anand is melodic to the bones, with really catchy melodies that remind me Satriani in Surfing With The Alien or Crystal Planet (which for me are Satriani's best albums) and an overall metal sound reminding me more Rondat from time to time (more because of the backing than the guitar play itself). Anyway, the guy is a real melodic freak, with an excellent technique and some feelings to share with the world, and when you can feel these throughout someone's music it usually means you're in front of an excellent album. And this is exactly what we have here, the best instrumental album since the last Rondat (and Warmen as well) and far better than the last Satriani (Engines Of Creation). Far from a Malmsteen, he will enjoy playing more melodically than faster than light, and that's more than welcome if you ask me. The songs alternates between emotionally deep songs to faster tunes, never loosing track of the emotions and flowing like a living river, this album is a pure jewel of melodic guitar music. The only thing missing is the originality maybe, although Anand puts his personal touch to the music, the overall still sounds like a Satriani album to me. Last but not least, the artcover is really a great one, a nice example of how to make CG graphics look good.

Fans of Satriani, this one is for you, this is the album that you've been waiting for since Crystal Planet. I'll leave you guys to continue my journey through this fantastic and melodic experience that Anand is. A new guitar hero is born, and he bears the name of Anand Mahangoe. Highly recommended !

Killing Songs :
All tracks are killing, but Midnight Chaser is unbelievable.
Chris quoted 85 / 100
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