Balance Of Power - When The World Falls Down
Pony Canyon
Melodic Rock/Metal
12 songs (59'34")
Release year: 1997
Balance Of Power
Reviewed by Erik
Archive review

As far as underrated bands in the metal world go, Balance Of Power has to be near the top of the list. At no point have they really received the accolades they deserve, considering the talent and consistency apparent in their work. Time after time they deliver solid platters of progressive hard rock/metal, and for that they should be commended -- there are too many other bands within that general genre that don't measure up.

This first album, When The World Falls Down, is a lesson in quality 80's commercial rock/metal, except produced a decade later. Besides being the debut of BoP, this particular work is much more a keyboard-drenched (almost glam-sounding) ride through Dokken/Firehouse-land compared to consecutive offerings. In an odd way, I can hear traces of Royal Hunt, especially when John West was on vocals. This is partially due to one-time BoP singer Tony Ritchie, who was replaced with Lance King for the next album. Ritchie's vocal work is smooth to be sure, but doesn't carry the vocal range of someone like King. However, the end result is very pleasant indeed, with harmonies galore. The only downside, to me, is the constant chorus background harmonies of "Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh" that seem to regurgitate the ultimate cheesiness of radio-friendly rock ballads. No thanks -- BoP is better when they rock.

Fortunately, they most definitely rock. While the keyboards are mixed quite heavy, there is no mistaking the solid guitar chops of Bill Yates and Paul Curtis. After a short keyboard intro, things kick off with Against The Odds, a great mid-tempo track. Everything is just coated with a thick layer of 80's influences, but it's the best of the 80's, so don't let that put you off. The next song, Overnight Sensation, reeks of a single, with it's stadium-sounding chorus and deliberate pace. Several good rockers follow, including Can't Close The Book, Something For Your Head, and the title track, although all of them seem to use the exact same tempo. Ballads are scattered throughout, but they don't necessarily detract from the ambience of this kind of album. If you can handle a whole lot of rather similar yet well-performed hard rock/80's glam metal on one album, go head and pick up BoP's debut When The World Falls Down. However, if you're looking forward to greater things with Lance King one the mike, and a harder, more progressive metal feel, stay tuned for the second album.

Killing Songs :
Against The Odds, Balance Of Power, Something For Your Head
Erik quoted 80 / 100
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