Haggard - Awakening The Gods (Live In Mexico)
Symphonic Folk Metal (with Dark/Black vocals)
11 songs (60'22)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Chris

I know pretty little about this band, beside the fact that this live album is really very cool. I believe these guys are German (since some songs are in German) and they play a very original, Symphonic Metal that could be compared to Therion. Of course I understand the weight of such comparison, and although they are a bit inferior to the Therion they still have a lot of originality to offer in the world of Symphonic Metal.

It's not very easy to review a band from their live album, but one thing is sure, they got my attention with their orchestra, female vocals, choirs and all à la Therion. The music is very melodic and the overall sounds a bit folksy, but not too much. The singer is either singing clearly or growling like a Black Metal singer. I of curse prefer the clear vocals parts, but I don't mind the more aggressive side of his vocals. The music, full of melodic and quite acoustic (guitars, violins, piano, Oboe, clarinet ...) is pure pleasure for the ears and while some moments will please Classical music lovers, some other will please the one seeking for more aggressive sound.

I'd say that I'm looking forward to listen to their discography as soon as possible. I can't really tell you how the sound selection is, not knowing the albums, but I really like all the songs on that live recording which sound is very good, especially with the fact that there's an orchestra playing. If you like dark growling vocals and classical music, then this band is definitely for you.

Killing Songs :
The whole live show rocks, with moments of pure classical/symphonic magic !
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