Drunken Bastards - Horns Of The Wasted
Hells Headbangers
Thrash Metal
8 songs (19:35)
Release year: 2010
Hells Headbangers
Reviewed by Goat

This isn’t the first time that a band gets by on a mixture of alcohol and thrash, and like Municipal Waste and Tankard, the five Hungarian reprobates that go by the name of Drunken Bastards have a real tongue-in-cheek humour which upgrades their sloppy Thrashings to ensure casual headbangers will have a good time. Yet unlike that aforementioned duo of bands, there’s a certain amount of serious meat lacking once you’ve got tired of looking at the cartoon tits. Some of this can be blamed on the band’s relative newness – several tracks here also appeared on the band’s first, less widely-distributed album, and, well, the fact that the ‘album’ as a whole runs to less than twenty minutes with an intro and two covers will certainly raise eyebrows. Make no mistake, Thrash fans out for a good time will find it here, the band’s brand of old-school punk-imbued Motörhead-worshipping thrashing having several early-Voivodic moments which lift the drunken spirits and made me hopeful that underneath it all lay the guts and bones of a decent band. Were I drunk and unable to find my Abigail album, this would do very nicely – the fact that one of the aforementioned covers is from a Barbatos (very similar Abigail side-project, for those not in the know) track really says it all.

Quite whether you’d be willing to pay for something this short is up to you, but if you do take the plunge there’s sure to be something here fitting in with your drunken state. The frenzied shrieks in the intro Nuclear Era, for example, are utterly hilarious, and both of vocalist Blizzard’s exhortations to ‘trash!’ in first track proper Toxic Patrol are well deserved – it’s a killer song. I dug the punkish sloppiness of Eat My Fuk cover Destroy The Factory, too, and the moment on Drink With Satan where deranged group vocals lead to ripping heads-down thrashing and a widdly solo – awesome stuff. And I don’t care who you are, any song called Alcoholic Big Tits has something to recommend it. Yet it’s a shame that, when all is said and done, the aforementioned Barbatos cover (Prophecy Of The Evening Star) is the highlight of the album, as I can’t help but think the band would have made an excellent album if they’d bothered to make another ten minutes of music for it. Were it longer I’d score it higher, without a doubt – this is good, solidly fun stuff whilst it lasts – yet it’s hard to seriously recommend an album which comes to barely fifteen minutes of original material. Ultimately, then, anyone checking Horns Of The Wasted out is guaranteed some bang for their buck, but I can’t see it lasting long on a Thrasher’s playlist.

Killing Songs :
Toxic Patrol, Destroy The Factory, Drink With Satan, Prophecy Of The Evening Star
Goat quoted 65 / 100
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