Tenebrae in Perpetuum-Krohm - Split
Debemur Morti Productions
Black Metal
6 songs (42'41")
Release year: 2010
Debemur Morti Productions
Reviewed by Alex

It always interested me why many black metal bands do split albums, and beside the financial argument, the most fascinating question is how the partners are being picked. Everything from here on out a pure speculation, but it could be that Krohm from the Pacific Northwest, the creation of Numinas (Dario Derna), is sending a final shout-out to the Italians Tenebrae in Perpetuum on their latest split on Debemur Morti. The Italians are rumored, sadly, to have split.

Not as chilling as their most recent L’Eterno Maligno Silenzio, Tenebrae in Perpetuum compositions unfold slowly and arduously, churning the riffs with cavernous directionless pomp, until the payoff finally arrives. One would have to be patient with Tenebrae in Perpetuum side of the split, but the self-loathing self-deprecating melody of I and the tortuous melodic emergence at the end of the III are worth waiting for. Shifting from the vehicle of blasting to more stagnating areas, II begins with the cleaner guitar, the way I ends, but has less defined emotions, leaving the listener questioning whether he should hate or pity thyself. Whether it was known to Tenebrae in Perpetuum that the end is near or not, the vocals are some of the most titanic shrouding misfortunate processed growls and shrieks you will ever hear.

Krohm, by far, is the more cohesive of the two. Its more defined booming bottom end helps to erect the upstanding strong impenetrable wall of riffs in The Black Bridge. This wall pounces and climbs over you, aided by cold synth overtones, until the relief comes in the form of pointless hopeless brood. Numinas’ vocals, also processed heavily, either help to peer into abyss or create an impression of one talking from it. Just as booming, dramatic double bass supports alternating dramatic lounges and penetrating note pickings on Toccata Dalla Desecrazione (Italian name for this track selected not accidentally I presume). The perpetual rolling motion and slicing leads leaving jagged edges meet in the end. The most dynamic cut of the whole split Sentinel Monolith finally moves all of the chips in, guitars going from throbbing to ethereal lazy dissonance at the song’s triumphant end.

Two bands having a strong musical connection – a good recipe for a successful split, Debemur Morti may have captured the last spark of Tenebrae in Perpetuum and had given Krohm a definitive platform to continue stating its case. Numinas’ music continues to be emotionally draining and very subtly melodic, even if the cleanliness of The Haunting Presence has been subdued to a degree. You want to remain strong when one of your brothers-in-arms has succumbed to the oblivion.

Killing Songs :
I for Tenebrae in Perpetuum; the whole of Krohm
Alex quoted 70/100TiP;85/100K
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