Thy infernal - Warlords Of Hell
Napalm Records
8 songs (50'30)
Release year: 2001
Napalm Records
Reviewed by Paul

The bad news is that we didn't receive any documentation with that promo, so I will have to stick around a little (sorry guys, the band and Thy Infernal's fans). The good news on the other hand is that I like this kind of brutal stuff so it gives me some motivation and inspiration.

Thy Infernal just by their reputation must be one of the most extreme bands live on stage in the USA with all the clich├ęs you can imagine with a black metal band like this.

The first thing I saw is that the cd lasts almost one hour and it is pure blasting speed. They play their songs as fast as possible with melody and brutality. Once more I would say if you are into stuff like the last God Dethroned (which became for me a reference), you can try it or even buy it.

Thy Infernal like to keep it straight and simple. Warlods Of Hell is not an original album, but it's fast and brutal with an almost good production (nice cover-art too).

As said above in two words : try before.

Killing Songs :
Paul quoted 69 / 100
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