Destruction - The Antichrist
Nuclear Blast
11 songs (42'10)
Release year: 2001
Destruction, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Paul
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South Germany's all time thrashers are back with a new opus. They just stay true to themselves and bring back the good old stuff that has made them famous in the mid' 80's.

Destruction is back with a masterpiece of thrash like I haven't heard since a long time. This album is even better than the one before All Hell Breaks Loose. The Antichrist really leaves a trail of destruction... I hope there's gonna be lot more bands influenced by them alike Raise Hell with Not Dead Yet!!!!!!

Schmier and Mike are still enjoying to compose melodic and speed riffs leaded by storming breaks and solos. The new drummer makes it all possible and his drumkit hasn't really time to get dusty...

The first song Thrash 'Till Death is a hammer. It starts like an old Agent Steel riff. The rest of the album is a must. Godfather Of Slander sounds like the Bestial Invasion of 2001. It is a real good piece of work and I'm awaiting their tour with Sodom and maybe Holy Moses...

It is a blasphemy but lets say it The Antichrist is just... divine ;-).

P. S. This is a message to Schmier in German: Hallo Schmier man sieht sich bald wieder an der Bar der Z7 um ein Paar Biere zu saufen und ├╝ber alte Zeiten zu sprechen, ok ??? Na dann prost...

Killing Songs :
All of them ;-)
Paul quoted 92 / 100
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