October Falls - A Collapse of Faith
Debemur Morti Productions
Melancholic Black Metal
3 songs (41'59")
Release year: 2010
Debemur Morti Productions
Reviewed by Alex

The career of October Falls, mostly a solo project of one Finn named Mikko Lehto, has turned somewhere around the EP The Streams of the End. The aesthetic changed away from purely folk ambient music towards darker nature inspired melodic black metal. The latest release A Collapse of Faith very much continues in the same familiar vein, which some can say is almost expected and too comfortable by now.

I am of a slightly different opinion on this band. Whatever October Falls lacks in individuality, elitism and desire to differentiate itself from the fray it makes up in all-encompassing soothing sense of calm and reassurance. You can choose your sides, and if you need your brain and senses constantly challenged, October Falls walk in the woods is not for you. However, I contend The Womb of Primordial Nature was criminally underrated (even on these pages), and I hope A Collapse of Faith meets a more receptive fate.

Not much changing in Mikko’s epic approach to melancholic black metal, the whole album is divided in three long running pieces all together still not exceeding reasonable 40 min by much. The rhythmic pattern of I and II changes from rolling double bass to lazy not overly fast blasting, sometimes dying altogether into somber acoustics. Over the top of this skeleton October Falls weaves waves upon waves of riffs and melodies, full of trademark Finnish prideful melancholy and sadness. Desperate harsh vocals are simply another instrument in this lush fabric. From dreamy expansive to more cutting to bass solos to powerful guitar forays A Collapse of Faith is a gently rolling rollercoaster of strong emotions, being emitted constantly. Reaching pinnacle at the end of II, they collapse into quiet piano, before funereal III ends abruptly and ruthlessly.

The album does not have many peaks or valleys, after its 40 min you will not likely to remember that one hooky moment which you want to replay over and over. At the same time there will not be a moment to skip either. Recognizable from some earlier black metal work or not, A Collapse of Faith is that enveloping old blanket you have had since childhood and can’t let go off, even though it is worn and tattered. You can put this music on just about any time, and unless you are looking to sharpen your already edgy mood, you are bound to draw pleasure from October Falls, even if black metal is not necessarily your most preferred genre.

Killing Songs :
Alex quoted 83 / 100
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