Windfaerer - Glorybound
Self released
Blackened Pagan/Folk
2 songs (9'43")
Release year: 2009
Reviewed by Alex

If Windfaerer two main players weren’t named Mikheil Gonçalves and JP Andrade, and if they weren’t the New Jersey lads, the sound of the band could have hinted Scandinavia. More raucous than your average melodic death metal, the dudes are playing slightly blackened black/folk drawing their inspirations from Iberian (Spanish) peninsula mythology.

On both the energetic and galloping In the Wake of War, as well as more varied and extended The Great Fire, the punched up rhythm section is eclipsing both the riffing and the vocals. Heavier (more blasting) on one hand, but deeper, The Great Fire uses violin in a very interesting lead role. Not necessarily cleaner, but now a bit less noisy, sound mix allows for this instrument to poke through. The pensive heavy ending collides chugging riffs and Insomnium style lead, with fading guitar vibes prying their way in between double bass kicks. All of this creates a captivating and somber sense of medieval magic coming from far away places. Indeed, if not for the higher pitched vocals, this song does bring to mind In the Halls of Awaiting from Insomnium eponymous full-length debut.

Tough to say much after a 10 min demo, Windfaerer would do well by cleaning up the sound mix a little bit, without losing enthusiasm and heaviness. Some melody/riff passages are rather worthwhile. The full album is said to be in the works.

Killing Songs :
The Great Fire
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