Union - The Blue Room
Spitfire Records
Hard Rock
10 songs (48'44)
Release year: 2000
Union, Spitfire Records
Reviewed by Danny

This album is very, very rock. On first track, you will have the feeling to listen to "rock-metal" à la Beatles. Do your Own Thing (first song) is very catchy, very melodic. On track two, the guitar sound reminds me Carnival Of Soul (Kiss). Logical. Union is composed of Bruce Kulick (Ex-Kiss) and somehow Kiss' Carnival Of Soul was the last album where B. Kulick really expressed himself with Kiss (song-writing). Everything's Alright & Who Do You Think You Are (3rd & 5th song) is a mixture of Beatles meets Nirvana. Very good songs with strong chorus. Voice of J. Corabi (Ex-Motley Crüe) is perfect for this type of rock music. Dear Friend is a tribute to deceased Kiss drummer Eric Carr. Very emotional ! Overall, a good CD. Beatles (Hypnotized), Nirvana, Aerosmith & Kiss' fans should like this one. Production is OK and the type of music you will find in this CD can be called Grunge Hard Rock. The booklet is however very cheap, no lyrics.....or any info about the band. This is only the second work of the band (Union's live doesn't count) and some more info about the band would have been appreciate. After all, we are not in your heads guys.
Apart from that, I didn't thought Union would ever write such good songs. Isn't it a "has been ex-member" band after all ? Yes, but the music is not !!!

Killing Songs :
Do Your Own Thing, Dead, Everything's Alright
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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