Chaossworn - Chalice of Black Flames
Abyss Records
Melodic Black Metal
3 songs (15'41")
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Alex

Not blessed with the smoothest roll-off-the-tongue moniker, you still would not want to tease the Swedish dudes of Chaossworn as tough as they look in the band picture. As many Chaossomethings as there was/is out there, the Swedes are a little bit late arriving on the scene of black/death metal, but they obviously took their time to hone their craft (if only band name received the same consideration, but I will stop with it now).

Sometimes more hacking it away with definitive riffs (Crowned & Winged), in other places more melodic and buzzsaw (Bringer of Storms), Chaossworn have enough sensibility to inject howling winds, doom it up once in a while and even throw a little bit of acoustics for good measure. Dissection and Bathory would have been equally proud of the spawn they have inspired in Chaossworn. Solid dense drumming, legible frog croaking vocals, the band has the right balance between melody and meanness to compare with Lord Belial, Undivine and beats more synthetic, artificially cold Setherial and late Naglfar (past Jens Ryden era). For the average listener not to get complacent either, the Swedes can also jar you with a strangely bent and twisted guitar note.

My enjoyment rising strictly upwards as this short EP unfolded, it began to really sink in with Bringer of Storms and reached the pinnacle with overt melody and sweeping guitars of the title track. After that composition I certainly needed to hear more, and that is deemed to be a good sign I will check Chaossworn the next time they have a longer lasting release in store.

Killing Songs :
Bringer of Storms, Chalice of Black Flames
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