Loss - Verdict Of Posterity
Scarlet Records
Swedish Death Metal
8 songs (34'31)
Release year: 2001
Loss, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Marc
Surprise of the month

Some people complain that the old death-metal masters are slowing down or evolving into other styles... but death metal isn't dead and the relieve troops are coming. Troops such as the Swedish band Loss with their impressive debut album Verdict Of Posterity.

Getting as much aggression as possible in their song, is the goal that Loss is fulfilling in this CD. They do that with fast riffs that got me headbanging like an epileptic but they are also wise enough to include short pauses so that listener can breath a second and be ready to appreciate another explosion of drums. They also include some more melodic elements to make the songs more catchy and are not reluctant to use a few black metal inspired tricks when necessary but they do that very carefully without compromising their brutal sound. The production, done in their own studio (called HairyBones studio) is an excellent balance of between a warm sound and a sharper one.

A few areas still need slight improvement in order to produce a masterpiece: the songs are already diverse but they could be more so and the lead guitar could be even better but I'm nitpicking there.

Death-metallers, rejoice! A new band is on its way to the pantheon of the death-gods.

Killing Songs :
Worship This, Mental Disturbance, Death Instinct
Marc quoted 87 / 100
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