Azrael - Dimension IV
Locomotive Music
Heavy Metal
10 songs (49'40)
Release year: 2001
Locomotive Music
Reviewed by Danny

This is typically the kind of CD you can only found (or pay attention) thanks to the cover-art which cannot leave you inattentive. As I was on holiday in Spain (Costa Brava), we decide to move to Barcelona and have a look to some metal shops there. This is where I discovered this CD and as for Tierra Santa, Azrael's Dimension IV is full of ..... Spanish lyrics !

Playing in the Power/Speed Metal division, Azrael is the Spanish Grave Digger, musically speaking of course. The singer is pretty good and the choice to write Spanish's lyrics is the right choice. I prefer to hear melodic Spanish words instead of awful English lyrics wrongly pronounced (even though I do not understand a damned thing of what they say as I don't understand Spanish and I have to admit this is quite frustrating).

With the first song, Sacrificio, you will deeply dive in Grave Digger's world and sound. The production is a bit shy considering this is Azrael fourth effort, but songs like Nada Que Temer or Sentencia will quickly make you forget this small weak point.

Powerful, always melodic, Dimension IV is heavy and the result is an explosive album. The bull is the arena and is ready to strike .... yeah I know, it is a bit too easy but this is the only sentence I found who matches perfectly a Spanish band ;-).

Azrael's Dimension IV confirms after the wonderful Tierra Santa's record that Spanish bands are stronger and better year after year. If you like Spanish lyrics and you are a fans of Grave Digger, check them out absolutely.

Killing Songs :
Sacrificio !!!!
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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