Waking the Cadaver - Beyond Cops. Beyond God
Siege Of Amida
Brutal/Slam Death Metal with Deathcore elements
9 songs (28:31)
Release year: 2010
Siege Of Amida
Reviewed by Vrechek

Waking the Cadaver has made a Death Metal album. Hey, stop laughing! I'm being serious here. No, really! They aren't really Deathcore anymore, honest! Okay, well that's not entirely true, but they've changed quite a lot.

Yes, you saw that score right when you clicked on this review: Waking the Cadaver, masters of Shredded Wheat, the so-called scourge of the Metal world and “worst band of all time”, has made a barely passable album. I was as shocked as you all are, but unless my promo is from an entirely different band (not really possible), Beyond Cops. Beyond God has managed to elevate the band from pure and unmitigated shit to just okay.

Whereas before you would hear non-stop breakdowns for an entire song, now you have a mixture of stop-start brutal Death Metal chugging, fast-paced riffs pilfered from Nile and Behemoth and then considerably dumbed down, and a more often than not traditional Death Metal growl. It's by no means good, and there are certainly some of the elements that made Waking the Cadaver the infamous band that they are (pig squeals, slow one-note breakdowns, horrible/hilarious lyrics, and piss-poor songwriting skill), but all in all, it's not the worst Death Metal I've ever heard. Sure, the songs all sound the same and are veritable riff salads with no sense of direction, but the album is short enough that you don't really care about careful composition. What, were you expecting something epic and progressive from Waking the fucking Cadaver?!

Not much else to say about this, it's more of a novelty than something worth buying and treasuring for years to come. I doubt Beyond Cops. Beyond God (that's a fucking stupid album title by the way) will change most metal listener's opinions of the band, but it helps illustrate the recent trend of Deathcore-turning-Death Metal, and hopefully will aid in the killing off of the horrid sub-genre.

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Vrechek quoted 59 / 100
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