Triumfall - Antithesis of All Flesh
Forces of Satan Records
Melodic Symphonic Black Metal
8 songs (50'37")
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

Focusing on a pair of symphonic black metal albums this week gave me some food for thought that there is a strange, but remarkable, relationship between the attempt to make individualistic, evil and sinister music sound classical and bigger-than-life. In fact, it may have been European composers of 18th and 19th century who have begun this marriage, but in reverse, especially when they needed to portray European tumultuous history and mythology. Nevertheless, many a black metal band today can’t resist the temptation to paint their propensity for dark satanic arts in the towering and monumental ways.

Enter Serbian newcomers Triumfall, who reach for the cathedral, Black Mass-style right from the introductory track Atrium Mortis. Staying very much within the template throughout Antithesis of All Flesh, the Serbians rely on the ideas originally posed forth by the cold chaos of Dissection and mid-era Immortal. Quick fleeting tremoloed guitars, which play the frenzied range of melodies from hymnical to dissonant, provide an inspirational feeling to break through the walls, even with your head if necessary (One With the Darkside Eternal). More deliberate, Wagnerian, crushing, with an occasional discordant note, Omega Overcasts the Presence confirms the feeling that evil is on the march. There is a definite ability with Truimfall to make dramatic statements, gathering courage from the brooding hordes of fallen angels they undoubtedly represent.

At times, the band gives a glimpse of their origin, when blowing Hellish winds, turning from morose to raging, bring out a definite Slavic angle in their melodies (Within Their Midnight and, especially, Allegiance to Thy Fall). Synth tends to pick up in those moments, but never overwhelms, letting the dual guitars to carry the flow. The same can’t be quite said of the drums which often sound muffled, little firecrackers going off in the background, especially on faster beats.

Vocalist Atteringer gives off a standard croaking shriek, but the overlapping multivocal lines create an impression of the gang at times. The less usual approach is to pipe in a cleaner chorus (Allegiance to Thy Fall), even if the oh-ahs may sound a little cheesy (Skies Are the Chains).

The fans of Keep of Kalessin, At the Heart of Winter period Immortal and melodic black metal in general will find a lot to like about Triumfall, but the truth is the band is going to have to turn it up a notch and find their own unique face. For now, there are interesting ideas and glimpses of originality buried in between all too common these days approach. The professionalism and the level of execution, however, give me confidence that with just one little twist Triumfall can vault itself higher.

Killing Songs :
Allegiance to Thy Fall, Within Their Midnight
Alex quoted 77 / 100
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