Stormlord - The Curse Of Medusa
Scarlet Records
Epic Black Metal
7 songs (36'50)
Release year: 2001
Stormlord, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Marc

Stormlord is an italian band playing a kind of epic black metal. Well, at least they are trying to.

This CD isn't a full album but a mini-cd featuring two songs from their upcoming album as well as 2 live songs and bonus material (instrumentals and a cover).

So these guys are trying to emulate more successful epic/symphonic black bands (dimmu borgir, old man's child, for example) but they are far from the masters, and their compositions are boring. The cheesy keyboards are really annoying and the overall quality below average. And I haven't talked about the worst yet: the awful "operatic" voice. I don't know what the singer is trying to do (sounding epic, I guess) but the result is so ridiculous that I couldn't help laughing out loud when I heard it. Strangely, the two live tracks are a little better than the rest.

I guess they are lucky we don't quote EPs. There might be a few good riffs lost in the middle of all that stuff, but it isn't worth looking for.

Killing Songs :
The live songs and the instrumentals are the least worst
Marc quoted no quote
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