Chaostar - Threnody
Holy Records
Symphonic Dark Ambient
10 songs (47'26)
Release year: 2001
Holy Records
Reviewed by Sin
Album of the month

Only a year after the first part of this extraordinary concept, Christos Antoniou of Septic Flesh and the ex-singer of the band Nathalie Rassoulis makes us the honor to satisfy our ears and senses with the magnificent Threnody. The intro alone embarks us into a journey throughout the darkest human emotions on this unbelievable Wagner reminiscent music, halfway between a Hollywood movie soundtrack and a classical piece.

The power emanating from the orchestra cannot be compared to what is usually made by keyboards in that same style. I already loved the Chaostar first opus but this one is something else, unbelievable ! A million times more mature, a million times more researched... Nathalie's vocals are simply incredible and they drives us into the tortured world where the magical art of Christos is ruling over his army of musicians.

All songs are pure jewels and each and everyone of them possess their own mystical ambiance while keeping the line of the chaotic star that shines through the night and guides the lost souls into the limbs. An impossible to compare gigantic masterpiece that will please not only Metal Fans but also Classical ones...

Killing Songs :
Threnody, Mantis, Day Of Anger
Sin quoted 92 / 100
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