Michael Kiske - Readiness To Sacrifice
Noise Records
Pop / Rock
10 songs (46'42)
Release year: 2001
Michael Kiske, Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris

Well well well... after a long long disappearance and a shy and masked appearance in Tobias Sammet masterpiece metal Opera Avantasia, here is the first thing from Micheal Kiske in his new "orientation". For those of you who don't know him (but is it really possible ??), Michael used to be Helloween first singer, well second actally since Helloween first album had Kai Hansen as lead singer. Now I must say that I don't quite like the fact that Michael did go away from metal because it was unholy ... Well, if it's unholy then why ask a metal record (one of the biggest actually) to publish your album ??? It's easy to look the other way when it's convient maybe... Anyway, I don't really mind in the end, anybody on Earth has the right to do what they want and if Michael is happy with his new life and new style then I'm happy for him too.

Now, let's make one thing clear :) : this album (his second so far) is not a metal album. I'd say it's a classical pop/rock album, and a pretty nice one I might add. One thing is certain, his vocal abilities are exceptionnal, and if you're into great singing, metal or not, you can by that album eyes closed ! Musically it's a nice melodic pop/rock with many classical arrangements (violins/violas/cellos/flute...) of the best type arrangement by Michael himself. There's also a lot of acoustic guitars (if not only) and the overall is very very calm. Michael makes a real demonstration of his vocal abilities for this album. The production is crystal clear but the artcover + booklet are really very poor :(...

I'd say that this is a quite good pop/rock album, if you like that style and look for great vocals, then don't miss this one. I believe it's a nice release for some people who want "metal breaks" from time to time. Keep up the good work.

Killing Songs :
Ban'em, Phoilistine City, Crosstowen,Where Wishes Fly & Easy.
Chris quoted 77 / 100
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