Ondskapt - Arisen from the Ashes
Osmose Productions
Black Metal
8 songs (41:29)
Release year: 2010
Official Website, Osmose Productions
Reviewed by Charles
There are precisely no surprises in Arisen from the Ashes, the latest Ondskapt record. In true Scandinavian style this strides confidently and unwaveringly across a raging landscape of Northern blastbeating, daring the spectres of innovation and change to impede it. They cower in the shadows.

It’s pretty good, I’d say. An eerie introduction of hissing and wailing sets the scene unusually effectively. I realise these creepy ambient opening sections are ten a penny, but this is well handed and leaves you hoping for something a little further out of the comfort zone from the album itself. Nevertheless, when proper opener, Ominous Worship of the Divine kicks in, its up-tempo blasting is immensely effective, with a ghostly lead guitar line coalescing around an ethereal melody, giving a plaintive and subtle Dissection-like feel to its otherwise ferocious full-frontal assault.

And from then on there’s very little respite and after a few tracks you start to feel the law of diminishing returns taking effect. There are variations in the pace, for sure. The fairly standard black metal approach of throwing slower tunes in there is used on various occasions. A Graveyard Night works well in this sense. Again, that wailing lead guitar lurks in the background, seemingly haunting this confident rolling midtempo crunch. Unless my ears deceive me, there are also some ghastly choral wailings caught up in the background here- another hammy but nice touch. The band takes everything in its stride; it’s not until we get to the closing few minutes that the mood alters. The album ends on a lengthy, sullen vamp, with a worming guitar riff and a despondent atmosphere. In the dying embers, Ondskapt find something authentically sinister.

Not much more to add here. This is expertly played black metal, rich in power and a surprisingly subtle side. However, you won’t hear anything new, either. A perfect example of a band nailing a formula.

Killing Songs :
Ominous Worship of the Divine, Arisen from the Ashes
Charles quoted 74 / 100
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