Dodsferd - Mortovatis - Until Your World Go Down
Moribund Cult
Black Metal/Blackened Industrialized Dron
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Release year: 2010
Moribund Cult
Reviewed by Alex

It just so happened that this week my listening time was focused on a pair of bands led by a one-man crew. This, and having to deal with some intellectual property issues at work, gave some food for thought about how man’s artistic creativity can be put on display. Greek black’n’roll machine Dodsferd, powered by a misanthropic engine known as Wrath, felt a need to release another EP to maintain its frenzied level of recent productivity. Actually, another Dodsferd long player is coming out later in the year, but this time around Wrath has split the allowable space between Dodsferd and his new progeny Mortovatis.

Dodsferd tracks of the split touch on where the band was in the last several releases in about even amount. Only Thorns Can Embrace reach back into the early blackened punk-rock days of the Cursing Your Will to Live, but injects in more layers. The song grows chaotic, nutty, blasting, to show Wrath’s contempt and disregard for the surroundings we have come to know as world and humanity. Another Two of Your Scars is more coherent, elegant, trim, and definitely more melancholic, Wrath’s voice suffering in a form of some desperate inhuman howling. This lament ends with the chords styled after Moonlight Sonata (but not melodically), leaving the sense of emptiness behind.

Valid and legitimate, the two new tracks do not really signal in a new direction for Dodsferd. What peaked my attention on this EP, perhaps surprisingly, was the live rendition of You Called It Resurrection, I Call It a Fairytale for Human Parasites, Your Kind! from Cursing Your Will to Live. Probably played with some session members, in what sounds like somebody’s basement, the song starts as a noisy chaotic mess, but manages to truly showcase its melodic self-mutilating aspect. Misanthropy cannot sound any more organic.

Wrath newest creation Mortovatis is represented with one gloomy 20+ min track Rebirth 349. Somehow I suspect that Mortovatis introduction was the real reason for the EP, and I doubt this belongs on Moribund if not for Wrath selling a 2-for-1 on Until Your World Go Down. Instrumental industrialized blackened drone along the lines of Megaptera and P.H.O.B.O.S., Rebirth 349 is not for a weak of heart. Two lines of sound are on the collision course throughout the endlessly repeating composition. High frequency, shrill, rattling noise testing the limits of aural tolerance is being slowly subdued by the booming low end. The former is so annoying you constantly root for the bottom in this case, and its victory can’t come soon enough. I love the drone when you can submerge and meditate, but this one runs through repeating waves of hurt, and damages senses more than anything. Yet, again, I have been known not to appreciate the genius of Stallagh either, so you would have to make your pick alone on this one.

Killing Songs :
Another Two of Your Scars, You Called It Resurrection...
Alex quoted nq(D),30 / 100(M)
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