Bleeding Fist - Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus
Moribund Cult
Blackened Thrash
6 songs (22'00")
Release year: 2010
Moribund Cult
Reviewed by Alex

Slovenians Bleeding Fist must have been absolutely lucky with their moniker. What an excellent name for an extreme metal band, and not yet taken! There are a ton of Bleedings all by themselves, and such parts of anatomy as Eyes and Heart are covered. The “whole” pieces such as Corpse and Flesh are appropriated as well, so Fist comes in naturally and promises a hit to the gut.

The latter Bleeding Fist deliver. Reliable sources wholeheartedly recommended their previous long-length Bestial Kruzifix666ion, while some others said that Venom and Hellhammer have done this all before. A quick EP was a right way to catch a glimpse of this band from this not-so-well-known metal country and Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus makes both sides look like they know what they were taking about.

The title track introduction promises some Satan worship through Gehenna breathing and accented voice chanting the macabre refrain. Sets the mood right for what’s to follow. And what’s to follow would be some thrashing raging bouncing blackened thrash ranging from devilish rock’n’roll to “lazy” blast, sometimes within the same sprawling structure, as in Leading Hell (Into Circle of Blood). Caustic voice of Etienne "Hellscream" Chelleri in the midst of the controlled chaos is not otherworldly evil, but Bleeding Fist’s version of the dark force is the one that is catchy, looking at you from an angle with a smirk. It does not subdue, but it certainly drags you into the circle of perverted fun. True to this credo, the band does not care much how songs part transition into one another, and can throw in a lead when you least expect it, or alternately hurt you with the slicing tremolo or fall back onto the booming muffled sound.

In that light, and proving the skeptics to a degree, Bleeding Fistdoes a superb cover of Hellhammer’s Messiah to close the EP. That beguiling tune fits the spirit of Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus completely, but somewhat exposes Bleeding Fist that their influential forefathers still put together more complete and cohesive compositions. This is not to say that throughout the EP you will not catch yourself nodding approvingly, consumed by the 666 forces unleashed by Bleeding Fist, even if theirs tend to be more mocking and ironic, than morose and malevolent.

Killing Songs :
Invocation Into Devil's Flesh, Leading Hell (Into Circle of Blood)
Alex quoted 72 / 100
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