Nyseius - Militiae
Black Metal
6 songs (35:44)
Release year: 2010
Nyseius , ATMF
Reviewed by Goat

Although they appear to be just another Black Metal band on the surface, France's Nyseius have an intriguing sense of melody that makes debut album Militiae quite a curio. Their sound is cold and epic, clear yet buried beneath a layer of ice - as you'd expect, quite militaristic, never dropping into pure war metal although the blasting of Les Symbols de la Catharsis comes close. Nyseius sound more taken with the psychological and emotional aspects of war rather than the physical grime of it - they are waging a battle with gods, not with man. This abstract, Satanic style makes the band avoid both outright blasting and meandering melancholy, opting instead for something between, and it makes for an album that hits all the right notes. Although it's just over half an hour long and really should have been longer, Militiae's grandiose style is easy to listen to and compelling enough to make replays worthwhile.

It starts in silence, the slowly growing ambience of Ibi Deficit Orbis living up to its Latin title as spooky darkness grows, exploding suddenly with the tumultuous title track, driven by the enjoyably organic-sounding percussion and vocalist Daeloth's screams. Guitars are angry walls of noise, rising and falling typically before breaking down into wave upon wave of powerful sound - fading to nothingness. The bass is quite clearly audible, usually a significant indicator that a Black Metal band has greater things in sight than mere tribute-act status, and even less leftfield moments like Lueur d'une Lune Morte are extremely well-played and effective. Endless March's shuddering and passionate storm of emotion, meanwhile, rages with so much energy that it's easy to forget the eight-minute length.

The album's over before it really has a chance to affect you, but is undoubtedly a good listen; Nyseius ultimately seem to stand astride the typical and not-so-typical Black Metal worlds - the aforementioned Les Symbols de la Catharsis has widdly guitars, even whilst merrily blasting and howling away. Militiae never fails to impress, and fans of traditional Black Metal that has more than a spark of uniqueness are well advised if they try this.

Killing Songs :
Militiae, Les Symbols de la Catharsis, Lueur d'une Lune Morte, Endless March
Goat quoted 80 / 100
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