Nightwish - Over The Hills and Far Away
Nightwish Symphonic/Operatic Metal
10 songs (48'53)
Release year: 2001
Nightwish, Drakkar
Reviewed by Sin

Even though it's not a new opus, the release of any object that contains the mention Nightwish is always a small event of it's own. Although the band was almost unknown two years ago and now our Finland friends are amongst the biggest in the European scene. Actually Over The Hills And Far Away is more a live than a rarities record as it contains 6 live tracks including 4 songs from Wishmaster and 2 from Oceanborn (unfortunate as I prefer Oceanborn).

The track that bears the name of the album is actually a reworked cover of the Gary Moore spiced up at the Finnish sauce. The result is simply impressive !!! The 2 new tracks that are accompany it are also excellent (10th Man and Far Away). As a bonus there is also a new version of the superb ballad Astral Romance which was on their very first album. In the end nothing really transcendent but a very good release that will please all fans without any doubts. The DVD video will be released in the same time and will probably be something fans won't want to miss.

Killing Songs :
All three new songs
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