Nominon - Omen EP
Deathgasm Records
Death Metal
4 songs (16:04)
Release year: 2009
Nominon, Deathgasm Records
Reviewed by Goat

Swedish Death Metal horde Nominon have made a quiet name for themselves in the underground, playing the traditional style of bonescraping Death Metal that made stars of countrymen Entombed, Dismember, and so on. Despite having featured members of Marduk and The Legion through the years, the band have remained fairly unknown, which makes this stopgap EP something of a curiosity.

All that I've heard of the band previously is their 2007 full-length Terra Necrosis, a pretty good slice of Death Metal groove that is well worth hunting down for fans of the style. As a forerunner to the band's forthcoming fourth album, Omen gives a good taster, with one new song, one live, and two unreleased tracks. Interestingly, each has a different vocalist, taking different routes to the same destination - all growling in different ways.

Opening blast Omen, the new track, weaves a sludgy yet speedy path towards Death Metal joy, catchy riffs riding savagely over corpse-filled graves. Invocations takes much the same path, a re-recording from an earlier 7" with a slightly Thrashier style, yet it's Through Dead Dream's Door that really impresses, guitars dropping deeper with brutal grunted vocals and an almost goregrind style that reverberates majestically before turning into a rather awesome headbanger.

After that, live cut Submit To Evil is something of a letdown. It sounds enjoyable enough, but the reduction in audio quality is disappointing, and leaves you wishing that the band had chosen another studio track to follow Through Dead Dream's Door. Still, overall the EP gives a great introduction to the band if you're new, and certainly has me salivating for the forthcoming Monumentomb. Even if you don't hunt this EP down, Nominon's name is one well worth remembering for fans of the style.

Killing Songs :
Omen, Invocations, Through Dead Dream's Door
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