Left Lane Cruiser - All You Can Eat
Alive Records
Blues Rock
10 songs (34:53)
Release year: 2009
Alive Records
Reviewed by Goat

Although Metal is an evolutionary offshoot of the Blues, bands seem to take little notice of the original genre these days, so coming across this two-piece was an opportunity too good to be true. Left Lane Cruiser are a hard, raw, down and dirty Blues Rock two-piece that take the magic of the Mississippi Blues and welds it to a ferocious beat that makes you want to get up and dance. All You Can Eat is actually the band's third album, and they've got their formula down well; the scratchy depths of the guitar and Freddy Joe IV's whiskey-burnt voice make for fantastic listening, especially if you're a fan of the likes of Clutch.

The majority of the songs are stompin' crowdpleasers like the opening Crackalacka, Freddy Joe showing off his versatile playing with all sorts of tricks thrown in that I haven't the expertise to describe. It sure sounds great, especially when the band tone it down a little on Ol' Fashioned, which could have been on one of Bob Dylan's post-millennial albums. Elsewhere, Hard Workin' Man is a blue-collar anthem, always so strangely timeless, followed by the sludgy Black Lung and the depressive Broke Ass Blues. Of course, it's when the band lock into a groove and pummel it for all they're worth that the results are most excellent; Poopdeflex one example, but Waynedale is probably the best, truly rocking out and finishing the album on a high note.

I don't listen to as much Blues as I should do, and although Left Lane Cruiser will probably not impress purists of the genre, the duo play a crossbreed that will appeal to many. All You Can Eat isn't a brilliant album, particularly - it's unoriginal, the songs can be samey, it's short - but it's a very enjoyable listen, a soundtrack to a barfight in the deep south that's as reminiscent of the lonely Bluesman playing on his porch as it is to the rowdy concert hall full of whiskey-drinking good ol' boys.

Killing Songs :
Crackalacka, Ol' Fashioned, Hard Workin' Man, Poopdeflex, Waynedale
Goat quoted 79 / 100
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