Sacrifice - Forward to Termination
Diabolic Force
Thrash Metal
10 songs (39:48)
Release year: 1987
Reviewed by Thomas
Archive review

Parental Advisory - violent ass-kicking imminent, kids may be eaten, and faces be ripped off


Playing the fiercest brand of thrash metal that Metallica, Anthrax and the other big four couldn’t even begin to grasp, Sacrifice took a major leap from their so-so yet potent debut. Considering how good this is, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when realizing how few people have actually heard this and how much more recognition they deserve. With a unique vocalist in Rob Urbinati, songs that mixes elements from both the American, German and the somewhat smaller Canadian thrash metal scene, raving mad riffs and blasting drums, it should be enough for them to make it big. Life isn’t fair though, and even if they created what might very well be one of the best albums of 1987, it’s been kept a well hidden secret. A timeless one.

Whenever whatsteirname gets put on and hailed as the saviours of thrash, this is what you’d want to go home and throw in the stereo, turn the volume irresponsibly loud, and jump around head-banging like a madman. An evil brew of Destruction, Vendetta, Exodus and Heathen will leave a taste in your moth that will make your jaw drop at how good it is. The introducing instrumental title-track leads into the fantastic Terror Strikes that features hyper-speed, shape-shifting riffs, Urinati’s bone-gnawing high-pitched shrieks, screams and somewhat cleaner rasps. Many find the highlight of the album to emerge already after the two first songs. Re-animator is undoubtedly the song that’ll leave the first memorable stomp on your face with galloping rhythms, catchy `mid-paced` riffs, and a slightly calmer Urinati to make a little more accessible. Well, that’s before they stop it, make a u-turn, speeds everything up as Urinati and Joe Rico spits out some face-melting leads to accompany the already richly furnished song. Forward to Termination never loses its momentum as it continues to deliver thrash-defining moments with nearly every tune. Afterlife, Flames of Armageddon, Cyanide and the deadly ending duo Light of the End and Pyrokinesis breaks forth like lightning bolts, taking no prisoners and leaving no survivors. A string of destroying riffs and ripping leads are more or less everything a thrash fanatic would keep and love.

Sacrifice is no doubt a band that will get trashed by most modern day thrash haters for sounding like this or that despite being formed about the same time as all important and present-day legends. It should be mentioned however, that since this is hard to dig up, it’s probably easier to appreciate than most other popular thrash that came out in the eighties, especially the big four. However, one cannot deny the impact this had, especially in the small but very solid Canadian metal scene yet never quite reaching the same amount of success as Razor or say Anvil. Their ability to deliver tight, neck-snapping, technical thrash that sticks from the first listen and smashes your head against a brick wall, qualifies Sacrifice and Forward to Termination to be one of the very best however. This is essential to any thrash fan with the urge to always dig out new quality stuff to use their valuable time on. Highly recommended.

Killing Songs :
Terror Strikes, Re-Animator, Flames of Armageddon, Light of the End, Pyrokinesis
Thomas quoted 94 / 100
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