Judas Priest - Demolition
Heavy Metal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 songs (71'00)
Release year: 2001
Judas Priest, SPV
Reviewed by Danny
Major event

Hmmm ... I would like to tell you this record is not good.
I would like to tell you Judas Priest is an old heavy metal band that runs after its glory.
I would like to tell you that without Halford ... The Priest will never be Judas Priest again.
I would like to tell you that Demolition will be the grave of Ripper.
I would like to tell you that next one will be done with Halford ..... However I CAN'T, because Demolition KILLS.

I have read many reviews on Demolition and there must be something wrong with these reviewers ... or with me (may be I am deaf ?). This album grabs you by the balls from the first note till the last one.

Ok The Priest sound more and more like a US band. OK there are many new sounds that will "shocked" early fans. OK this is again very heavy and not as melodic as Painkiller or Defenders Of Faith, but trust me, after a very high number of spins, I can tell you this is a masterpiece written by a band who has never taken the easiest path (recreating two times the same album).

Demolition is a mutant of British Steel, Defenders Of Faith, Painkiller, Jugulator and Point Of Entry. Songs like One on One (my neck is broken !!!), Lost And Found (superb ballad), Hell Is Home (one of the best ever f**king song of the Priest) or Metal Messiah will become future classics. After the excellent EP (Machine Man & Subterfuge are two excellent songs), Demolition confirms my first impression : WONDERFUL !!!!!

The new singer of the Priest is Mr. Ripper and this Demolition is enormous as his vocals are better than EVER. On Cyberface, this is not Halford who sings ... just in case of ;-). Buy or die. Fans of the Priest, you can be very very very very proud of your favorite band. After more than twenty-years, Your Priest still rules !!!

Killing Songs :
Hell Is Home, One On One, Machine Man, Subterfuge, ...., ...., ...
Danny quoted 95 / 100
Aleksie quoted 87 / 100
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