Heaven And Earth - Window's To The World
Frontiers Records
Soft Hard Rock
12 songs (52'50)
Release year: 2000
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Danny

We said a lot of things about Frontiers Records. "This is the label for "has been" bands, all their releases sounds old (70s or 80s) and they signed musicians or bands that nobody else want".

May be ...but each year, this label releases one or two very interesting hard rock records (not to say killers) and if you like hard rock, this Heaven And Earth is for you ... as long as you can afford the keyboards (sounding like the 70s). I recognize it is not a killer and there is nothing really new in this hard rock record, but the songs are good, which is the most important fact for me when you buy a record.

A remarkable song intro, emotional vocals, splendid guitars, efficient breaks and some brilliant intermediary solos, all this combined to excellent chorus, which I am still whistling while I am typing these words. All the common catchy hard rock ingredients unite to make Windows's To The World a good release.

Do not except miracles as Marduk is very far ... while Genesis or Ten are very much close to Heaven And Earth. If you like this type of music (House Of Lords, Crown Of Thorns, Praying Mantis), check this one.

If you like hard stuff, pass your way.

Killing Songs :
Dogs Of War, Away From Harm
Danny quoted 77 / 100
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