Gorgoroth - Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Regain Records
Black Metal
9 songs (34'48")
Release year: 2009
Gorgoroth, Regain Records
Reviewed by Alex
Major event

The Gods of Black Metal decided that the Fall of 2009 is going to become a confluence of major important releases. Whether the bands sited below are the Gods themselves, or it is really the labels’ schedule which arranged for this occurrence, is a subject of a debate to be held elsewhere. Judge yourself. With their enviable regularity Marduk and Dark Funeral are about to discharge their methodical recurring opuses. Against all odds Immortal has reunited. Prophecy is about to issue a Mayhem documentary. And then there is Gorgoroth, pulled back from the brink of oblivion by lawsuit-winning Infernus.

As I alluded to once in my retrospective review of Gorgoroth first three albums, despite what you think of Infernus personal issues, it was preposterous of King ov Hell and Gaahl to do away with Infernus trying to eliminate him and usurp the Gorgoroth name. You are perfectly entitled to think that your company’s founder is a lousy dude, but you do not appropriate the company’s name he thought of while you weren’t even in it. Rescued by the Norwegian court system he may have ironically derided in the past, Infernus had a lot of expectations to live up to with Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt (QPAST thereafter). Would this album be worthy of Gorgoroth glorious past? Will it be a good black metal at all? How will the songwriting hold up given that King ov Hell was doing most of it on Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam?

Apparently, those who have it in them to write riffs never lose such ability, as Infernus unleashes a monster with QPAST. Setting the tone with downright nasty Aneuthanasia, Gorgoroth circa 2009 plunges into stark, heavy, ballsy, guitar-driven extreme metal. If you think black metal must have raw primitive production, you could not be further from the truth with QPAST, but this album simply breathes evilness which was an unmistakable attribute of Gorgoroth throughout its existence. The band attacks with this album, but instead of banshee doing it stealthily in the middle of a night, QPAST hits you in the face proudly, like a group of warriors stripped down to their waste naked, wearing nothing but war-paint. Having gone through his personal circles of hell, Infernus poured his soul into this album. It is here, on display, front and center, dark and grim, epitomizing black metal in its entirety.

The key word when listening to QPAST was “empower”. This album does it in every song. Some of them (New Breed) begin beastly at first, only to add cold metallic notes later. Others, to do a play on title, Satan-Prometheus, transition from up-tempo double bass and tremolo to cleaner chorus crashing into a monumental end. At times the album becomes so much about the “riff”, it sounds more like darker extreme I than old school black metal (Human Sacrifice). Yet my favorite moments were the melody to mow your enemies down to, to stare them in the face (Prayer), or building up, hulking Rebirth with thundering tom drums declaring your foes final hour.

Musicians’ performances are flawless on QPAST. Tomas Asklund destroys on drums. He can be deliberate (Rebirth) or pummel away (New Breed), but him and new bass player Frank Watkins (also in Obituary) stay in perfect bottom end sync (as in Cleansing Fire). Pest, who many consider to be the best vocalist Gorgoroth ever had anyway, is back. No hissing or self-flagellation, he sounds extremely pissed off, his crowning moment comes in the form of croaking “Ravens of Gorgoroth” on Rebirth. And when everything happens with the sound so punched up on every level, so crystal clear, you can’t help it but remain in awe throughout.

I don’t recall an album which made me air drum and air guitar so uncontrollably in so long. Under the influence, I am re-listening to the first trio of Gorgoroth albums which long has been my favorites. Not only Gorgoroth is back, QPAST is a statement on Infernus’ behalf. God Seed, if it ever gets going, has an enormous plank to match. For those of you scoring the rivalry at home, Infernus just hit the ball out of the park. My money is on God Seed never even coming close.

Killing Songs :
Prayer, Rebirth, New Breed, Human Sacrifice
Alex quoted 93 / 100
Goat quoted 84 / 100
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