Dare - Out Of The Silence
A&M Records
(Atmospheric) Hard Rock
10 songs (49'50)
Release year: 1988
Reviewed by Chris

I dunno for you guys, but personally I sometimes need a little Metal break. And this is album is probably the best possible way to calm me down, to refresh me a little while saturating with heavy and speedy stuff, which I prefer of course, but I believe that in life there's a time for everything.

So this Dare album is very calm. Simple music, couple of riffs then and there by Vinny Burns (Ten), lots of keyboards and arrangements, nice cute solos, and the exceptional vocals of Darren Wharton (ex Thin Lizzy). The guy's got a very specific voice, very sweet, but with something else, I can't really describe it, but his vocals are transcending me each and every time I put this wonderful album. Difficult to compare Dare to any other band, I'd say they're in between Magnum and Asia with some Pink Floyd attributes (some guitar melodies), but I have to admit that it's a quite rough estimation :).

The songs themselves are quite similar one another and the album flows like it was one single song from the beginning to the end. The lyrics are based on Love (what else is there :) ?) and goes perfectly well with the music and in particular with Wharren's sweet vocals. The album achieve a perfect balance that helps me relax and ease my mind like no other album can. I never get rid of it, even after the 5th time in a row. Probably the album I've listen to the most in my whole collection (now with In Flames - Clayman that I listen to at least 3 times a week, sometime more than this in a single day). Plus you can listen to it with anyone, even your girlfriend will like it. You like quiet stuff from time to time, to ease your mind and relax a bit, then you want this Dare - Out Of The Silence in your collection. The best "borderline metal" album I own, and it's a real diamond.

Killing Songs :
Every single note of music on the record (which I know by heart by the way) !!!
Chris quoted 100 / 100
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