At War - Infidel
Heavy Artillery Records
Thrash Metal
9 songs (34:18)
Release year: 2009
At War, Heavy Artillery Records
Reviewed by Thomas

Following the recent massive thrash revival, older bands whom were seemingly dead and gone two years ago has been emerging from the dark corners all around the world to ride the relatively big and mildly successful wave that has been flushing thrash back in our lives for quite some time now. The quality hasn’t always been delivered like we wanted or expected, and there is absolutely no warranty that the music will be up to par with earlier efforts. At War is the last band that has strolled out of the shadows of time with a new and demolishing album after nearly two decades of silence, and they are fucking angry. Infidel is full of war- and anti-islamic anthems that‘ll make Sarah Palin cringe with excitement, and should the hag ever run for presidency again she should definitely get these guys to make her a cute little song about war on terrorism.

Their right-wing approach on the lyrical side might be hard to swallow for the leftists out there, especially if the lyrical content is essential for your listening experience. I’m not going to dwell further into it than mention that the title and the cover art pretty much says it all. What matters to me however, and should for you to, is the quality of the music. Are they still able to deliver the raw, brutal and aggressive thrash metal that they crushed us with in the late eighties? Pretty much yeah, and even though I haven’t heard what’s to come of thrash later this year, this will easily be top 4-5 thrash releases of 09 and I’ll boldly state that this is better than both the new Artillery and Kreator‘s Hordes of Chaos. This is 2009 old-school thrash metal delivered at it’s rawest, performed at it’s finest and wrapped up into a brutal package that’ll send you head-first into the nearest wall. Neck-snapping bricks of riffs that could take down any army alone, rushes straight in your face with full power as punishing drums and nearly harsh and deep rumbling vocals command heavy artillery to war as the fierce opener Assassins lead the way and sets the standard for the rest of the album. No melodic bullshit, only riff after riff after riff that will have your head in the end. The guitars are crushingly heavy, unlike anything I’ve heard in a while and the occasional absolutely remarkable guitar solo will slice you to pieces with it’s razor sharp edge. The drums are furiously punishing and double-bass pedalling will knock you flat along with the strikingly precise bass-work. Together the two leaves no holes to be filled and create a rock solid backbone that cannot be shaken. The vocals, I presume, may be a bit hard to swallow as the guy sounds like a beast on the hunt for lost and innocent lambs that have wandered into dangerous territory. While not harsh in the death/black-manner, they’re definitely rougher around the edges and much deeper and meaner than certain falsetto-lovers.

Some will undoubtedly complain about the lack of melody and catchiness that has become more and more common for thrash bands both old and new (read Kreator). If you’re one of those however, that have been bored to death by it and prefer your thrash brutal, relentless, merciless and without any sympathy what so ever, this is the band you have been looking for. At War take no prisoners and leaves no survivors in their quest for fresh blood. Ever seen the movies with those battering rams that’ll eventually break through and bash in the heads of those opposing on the inside? Yeah, Infidel basically bashes your head in right from the start, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I repeat, if you’ve been missing some violent thrashers in the now residing wave, At War should definitely satisfy your needs. Highly reccommended!

Killing Songs :
Assassins, At War, Deceit, Vengeful Eyes
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