Manilla Road - Open The Gates
DragonHeart / SPV
Heavy Metal
12 songs (60'40)
Release year: 2001
Manilla Road, DragonHeart
Reviewed by Danny

Well well well. Here comes the round of re-masters, here comes the time of reediting and after their success at Bang Your Head Festival 2000, Manilla Road sees their previous work back in store ... re-mastered.

I have heard much better re-mastering pieces (I guess the original wasn't that good in term of sound) and it is a shame they didn't choose to go back in studio and record again the whole CD because this Open The Gates is a lesson of power, true and heavy metal dated back in ... 1985. In the end, you realize that Hammerfall have not invented the power and that Manilla Road was the one to open the gates (sorry) a long time ago.

A must have for people who like the history of metal and of course a must have for people who like the 80's (Manowar, Iron Maiden, Grim Reaper, Liege Lord, ...). If you like Epic Heavy Metal, this one is for you.

Concerning the production (or should I say re-mastering work), I let you judge by yourself, but to make a story short, we are at hundred million light-years away from the Judas Priest re-master.

Can somebody tell me why the hell they didn't go back in studio !

Killing Songs :
Metalstorm, Oen The Gates
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