Ramming Speed - Brainwreck
Candlelight Records
Punk/Grind-influenced Thrash Metal
13 songs (29:56)
Release year: 2008
Candlelight Records
Reviewed by Thomas

Tired of all the modern thrash bands jumping out to get you from every corner of the world nowadays? My initial thought when reading the info on Ramming Speed was that this was just another new thrash metal band. While this contains a proper amount of thrash, it’s not of the same generic character we’ve been getting used to over the years. If this leads you to believe that you’re in for something more original in the vein of Rumpelstikin Grinder then I hate disappoint you. This isn’t very original seeing as how Ramming Speed plays crossover/thrash that’ll instantly remind you of Municipal Waste. Fast, fun and slightly political thrash, with audible hints of both crust/punk and even some grindcore here and there. Even though this might signal a very varied record, there is no doubt that these guys have their roots firmly placed in old-school thrash and heavy metal, as they do not wander particularly into any of the mentioned sub-genres apart from being audibly influenced by them once in a while.

Short, simple, aggressive and violent are the key words here, as Ramming Speed burst out full-speed straight in your face. The songs vary from just below the minute to around 3:30 and even though the album consists of 13 full songs it doesn’t last longer than a half hour roughly. In other words perfect for the so-called close-minded thrasher who doesn’t want any experimental shit. Straight-forward as it is though, Ramming Speed keeps this interesting with continuous furious riffs, no slow-downs, sloppy but damn cool solos, varied rhythms and the punk-y influence that reminds me of Black Flag and Dead Kennedys from time to time. The humorous approach is distinct and with song titles like Shane Embury is the Brad Pitt of Grindcore, Immigrant Song and Political Song they remove whatever thought of them being serious even though there might be a political undertone beneath it all.

Musically I’m tempted to put this in the same boat as the mentioned Municipal Waste and maybe Nuclear Assault. Elements from bands such as Napalm Death do play a certain role as well due to some overly harsh vocals as well as the hyper-fast punk-like rhythms and riffs that are put on display here often enough. They are however never in the danger of slipping into the more brutal nature of grindcore though and manage to keep a healthy balance between it all. The edgy production flows very well along with the music, and if there were to be something to pick on it might be the sometimes slightly sterile drum-sound. This is however not really a problem and is easily overlooked. The guitars are crunchy and properly distorted with a not to fuzzy sound and are a little higher in the mix due to the dominant riffing and entertaining lead-work. Pete Gallagher’s dry shouts, sometimes deeper growls, are filled to the brink with old-school punk-y attitude and are along with the guitars completely dominating the musical picture with their sharp, distinct and powerful presence.

If you’re worried that the guys would let their non-metal influences take over, then just start with the last song and let Heavy Metal Thunder flow refreshingly through you before you let their fierce thrashing kick off. This album is a cool fucker that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy if you’re a fan of good metal in general. Hardly inventive, yet still interesting, fun, fast and aggressive thrash just how we prefer it complete with the proper attitude for good measure. Ramming Speed has produced one of the cooler new thrash records with Brainwreck and I wouldn’t mind seeing them continuing in the same direction with future albums. Highly recommended.

Killing Songs :
All, but Heavy Metal Thunder remains my ultimate favorite.
Thomas quoted 88 / 100
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