Disbelief - Worst Enemy
Massacre Records
Death Metal
10 songs (43'00)
Release year: 2001
Disbelief, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

It is time to face your worst enemy! You look into is red, devilish eyes and you know you got no chance : he will smash you to the wall until you got no breath left ... then you know there is no escape. Disbelief return with a new bombastic death metal aggression which will leave many fans breathless.

I like to say this Worst Enemy is very inspired by Hypocrisy and that if you like this band, you have to buy this one. After their excellent debut and the superb follow up Infected, the German five piece are about to invade Europe with this explosive extreme death metal record that very few band (Bolt Tower, Neurosis, Hypocrisy or Voivod) are able to produce.

The production of Andy Classen must be highlighted here because he gave Disbelief a murderous sound which is hard to top in regards to heaviness and transparency. Misery, Survive and Believe are excellent death dance crying out of your speakers. And All Or Nothing will annihilate your last resistance ... which is futile of course. What a bass-drum rhythm on this one !!!

The fact they have reduced their sound to the max (monstrous and dark riffing coming straight from the apocalyptic) is one of the reasons why Worst Enemy ... is the one you love to hate.

Killing Songs :
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Danny quoted 92 / 100
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