Ambeon - Fate Of A Dreamer
Transmission Records
Ambiant Ayreon
10 songs (51'31)
Release year: 2001
Transmission Records
Reviewed by Sin

Like it's name indicates it : Ambeon is a merging from Ayreon and Ambiant... so you know what to expect. Arjen Lucassen fell in love with the beautiful voice of a young girl aged 14 years old and named Astrid Van Der Veen.

In the beginning, Ambeon should have been a concept uniquely atmospheric, but following a demo from Astrid, Arjen decided it wouldn't just be instrumental with some singed moments, but an album filled with songs with only 2 instrumental tracks. And I must admit that the result is magnificent. Actually who wouldn't fall in love with the beautiful voice of the young and pretty female singer ? To be able to sing so wonderfully at this age is very rare... and this album is worth buying only for that.

Unfortunately I have to admit that Arjen compositions are often too repetitive and they tend to be boring in the end because they are too atmospheric. It's a bit of a pity that Astrid haven't found a band composed with musician that are more "metal". But, she have a long career ahead of her so I hope she'll chose another style in the future. Wait and see...

Killing Songs :
Cold Metal, Surreal, Sweet Little Brother
Sin quoted 79 / 100
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