Uneven - Vrzino Kolo
Progressive Folk Metal
5 songs (17:26)
Release year: 2009
Reviewed by Goat

It’s amazing how little recognition Metal bands from certain parts of the world are accorded. Can anyone, from the top of their heads, name just three Serbian Metal bands, for instance? Yet, as proven by the quality of this initial demo from Beograd-based five-piece Uneven, there’s a wealth of talent awaiting the ears of any Metalhead curious enough to do some research. Uneven are remarkably talented for a band that’s barely two years old, and I couldn’t believe that this was a demo at first, such is the quality of the five songs here. The band play a mixture of Balkan Folk and equally traditional Progressive Metal, the strange time changes and obviously technical drumwork combining with singer Ivan’s Folky voice and story-telling lyrics to create an intriguingly original sound for the band. Really, the Folk element is what makes this such an interesting listen, the patterns and melodies of Fire In The Hole and opening instrumental Vrinzo Kolo especially clearly influenced by ethnic music and all the better for it. Other influences range from Dream Theatre to System Of A Down (far more of the former than the latter – the frequent drum rolls are total Portnoy worship!) and the guitar riffage is tight and focused.

Even though this is a demo, I’m struggling to think of any criticisms at all. The songs are varied and interesting, from the fun 80s Metal of Nights In The Club to the sampled Churchill and Reagan quotes on the epic USSR, and really there’s not a weak moment present. Five more songs and the band would have a debut album that any of the larger Metal labels would be well-advised to release... a few tweaks here and there is all that’s needed for Uneven to go very far indeed. The skill and passion are there already, now all that’s needed is the support! You can hear the entire demo on the band’s MySpace, linked below, according to which they are currently touring across Serbia. I wish them all the best and hope to hear more from them very soon.

Killing Songs :
Vrzino Kolo, USSR, Uneven
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