The Black Bridge - The Fallen
Self released
Melodic Death Metal
6 songs (21:29)
Release year: 2009
The Black Bridge
Reviewed by Dan
The Fallen, a six songs EP from the Canadian band The Black Bridge, has two main traits that make this condensed piece of Metal creation fairly distinguishable even as soon as the first spin is over. The first one is the voice, the second is the diversity of musical styles.

A little intrigued at first by the not so typical Death Metal voice displayed on the first song, Fringe, your reviewer quickly got used to the gritty vocal performance as the songs went on. Upon a second listening the different nuances of the voice became a whole lot clearer, ranging from Death Metal growls with a nice twist of digital distortion to a not completely unleashed but still deranged Black Metal–ish sort of screams on Empty Spaces and Hypocrisy just to close the show with an almost tortured vociferation on the Doom-ish outro Oblivion. A quite nice and refreshing experience with some cool screams here and there which could, if not wake up the dead from the grave, then at least make you scratch the paint off your wall with your bare fingers in a positive way. But try to be cautious.

The music is as diverse as the voice. Fringe is a catchy and straightforward Melodic Death Metal tune with epic hints reminiscent of good (old) Insomnium. Warsong and Hypocrisy made your reviewer’s mind spring to the industrial Black Metal trademark of The Kovenant with a particular preference for the lead guitar bursts on Hypocrisy. The epic feeling is back on the slow paced closing track, Oblivion, with a nicely built fast paced crescendo towards the end. Since this is a first EP from a very promising band, there are some things that could be better calibrated in the future. The melodic line is very catchy and the riffs are well chosen and well executed, but there is not enough emphasis on the guitars providing them, which makes the listening a bit frustrating. A soul hungry for powerful riffs and melodic epic atmosphere wants to fully grasp the chills climbing up it's back and literally flash the devil horns in ecstatic pleasure. The Black Bridge is not quite there yet but they’re on the right path.

Definitely recommended.

Killing Songs :
Fringe, Hypocrisy, Oblivion
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