Slough Feg - Ape Uprising
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Heavy Metal
8 songs (37:33)
Release year: 2009
Cruz Del Sur Music
Reviewed by Thomas
Major event

When it comes to traditional heavy metal, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, or simply Slough Feg represents pure perfection. With six albums on their conscience, without any glitches what so ever, Slough Feg has risen to become one of the most lauded and solid heavy metal bands around. Thirteen years has flown by since their incredible self-titled debut, and in the meantime these American boys has delivered album after album loaded with quality folk-inspired metal mixed with Maiden and Thin Lizzy-isms that’ll make any metal-head wet his/her pants. From the instant classic Down Among the Deadmen to the lesser but still great Atavism and their last ass-kicker that was Hardworlder, Slough Feg has managed to keep up and been able to meet the sky-high expectations that is set for them whenever a release date pursues. The oddly titled Ape Uprising is the bands seventh outing in twenty long and eventful years, and after several spins nothing indicates that they’ll disappoint anyone with this one.

Unlike Hardworlder, Ape Uprising starts off with the slow crushing Grand Magus-like The Hunchback of Notre Doom. It’s the only real doom-piece on here, and even though it’s executed flawlessly, it’s the, in lack of a better term, weakest track on here, and does not really indicate the incredible listening experience you’re in for. Overborne kicks of with the basic, awesome Slough Feg characteristics, with Mike Scalzi leading the way thundering across the fields with his trademark vocals that are a little rough around the edges. In addition to that, the awesome guitar and rhythm work by the other members is next to none, as especially the leads are even better here than on Hardworlder, an album of which I found the leads to be the best the guys had ever produced. Even with a solid second track, it is nothing compared to the monster that is the 10-minute epic riff-fest Ape Uprising. With cage-rattling guitar-work and blazing yet playful drums, the song twists and turns through tricky passages consisting of folky melodies, riffs, riffs, riffs and some great lead-work reminiscent of Oath-era Mercyful Fate and harmonized guitar-duels that only old Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden can do better. I have yet to hear a band complete a song in such a glorious fashion as the guys from Slough Feg do here. Stunning is the one and only word that can describe the magnificent title-track that represents a lone reason to get your hands on this. The album continues full throttle into riff-heaven with traditional awesome Slough Feg-metal such as the thrilling Simian Manifesto, simple yet extremely cool Shakedown at the Six and the Maiden-esque, galloping Ape Outro. I dare say that there are very few bands that control their own career in the same deliberate way as these guys do it. They churn out killer album after killer album, always soaked with new inspirational tracks for every dedicated head-banger’s enjoyment.

If you yourself or someone else catches you singing along, jumping around in your living-room air-guitaring like a maniac, there is nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly normal. There is nothing harmful in throwing those horns, breaking stuff, pretending you are at an actual live concert with one of the best albums of the year in your stereo. Slough Feg have in other words done it again; they’ve come up with yet another brilliant album that every metal-head should enjoy fully. When all is taken into consideration, there are absolutely no weak parts on here, even if the opener is a little slower. Even that one turns out to contain something special, something you’ll notice and want to hear again and again and again. ‘Cause that’s the deal with this album as with every other Slough Feg release, even though it’s maybe not as hooky or as catchy as their earlier releases, you’d never want to eject it from your stereo, you will not be bored for a single moment, and more importantly you’d be left with nothing with joy when you’re finished with it. Best album so far in 09? Aye, I think so.

NB! For those of you who can’t wait for May to arrive, take a look at this link for a full album stream.

Killing Songs :
Thomas quoted 91 / 100
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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